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 First Char

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Royce Cox

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PostSubject: First Char   Tue Feb 19, 2013 8:49 pm

Name: Zorganorg KIll
Actual Age:24
How old they look:24
Race/Creature Type:Orc
Description of Creature:A green skinned creature with Small tusk looks like a human taller than most.
Country of Origin: Europe
Body type:Big,Muscular
Skin tone: green
Eyes:dark red eyes
Hair: Darker brown,chopy
Appearance:War style armor with two-handed sword on his back
Personality:kind unless he has a reason to hate,not grumpy much,Not to clever.
Talents: Powerful,Devistateing with every blow.
Flaws: Fast temped,too destructive,
Powers/Magic (if any): Rage/Beast mode.*gets so upset he will stop at nothing to kill you even at his own death*
Weaknesses:Rage,Not clever,Slower then most.
Weapon(s):Two handed sword.
Job in the Kingdom:Guard
History:Was part of the stonetalon clan but got lost within a battle with another Clan and left behind.
RP example: I stand outside of my post and wate a dog approaches and growls at me "E jomt heki znahh jogz tlat bark!"---------Translated to I don't like small dogs that bark.------"Hiavi ni ahomi jog"--Translated as leave me alone dog.
Notes:Does not have proper grammer-language speaks a tung of orcs not human can still speak small amount of human....
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PostSubject: Re: First Char   Wed Feb 20, 2013 12:53 am

could you put in some more detail in 'personality'? is there something he partciularly likes or dislikes?
I assume he eats normal human food? edit that in.
you need to add anothe flaw.
How often does his rage/beast mode occur? for how long? can he control it? (I hope you know you cant kill another person's charrie without their permission)
Your Rp example and histiry need to be ten sentences each.
also, by the way how do you plan to Rp with other people when your charrie does not speak a human language?

Kareena Eden-Seer

Veronika Hill-Animagus
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First Char
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