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 Asimi's characters

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PostSubject: Asimi's characters   Tue Jan 08, 2013 2:18 am

Name: Kareena Rebbeca Eden. She generally prefers not to use her full name and goes by simply "Kareena.", or "Kareena Eden." if she must.
Actual Age: 127
How old they look: 17
Race/Creature Type: Seer
Description of Creature: Kareena is a seer and an empath. She is what is now referred to as "psychic". She hasnt met any other seers in her lifetime apart from her mom due to the rarity of this species. Her appearance is that of a normal human's and her characteristics are human as well. She occasionally gets flashes from the future and is well versed in palmistry, tarot and crystal ball reading, however they are far from reliable and she doesnt trust them herself. She is able to sense a powerful aura around people and can generally assess their emotions at a given time. However due to this, she also feels these emotions herself and this exhausts her. She generally avoids human company to avoid being overwhelmed by auras.
Country of Origin: Some Scandinavian country. She isn't sure which, borders weren't too clearly defined at the time of her birth.
Height: 5.6ft
Body type: Kareena is willowy and slender yet proportionate. Her body appears fragile and she has long slender limbs, however she is moderately strong and not as delicate as she appears.
Skin tone: Kareena has pale, almost translucent skin. Her skin is clear and free of blemishes probably contributing to her being perceived as fragile. Her bone structure is strong yet her high cheekbones and pointed chin make her face appear delicate.
Eyes: Kareena has striking bright green almond shaped eyes that are sometimes lined with black kohl or eyeliner.
Hair: Kareena has frizzy red hair that she generally ties in a ponytail or pushes back with a scarf or hairband. Her frizzy curls refuse to be tamed and generally lies wild around her head.
Appearance: Kareena's appearance is like the kind of person you'd expect to be playing guitar in the park or attending exotic food festivals. She appears extremely free and uninhibited when in truth, she can be slightly shy and reserved at times. Kareena loves to express herself through her appearance and has a sort of hippie look. She generally wears bright prints and carries a cloth bag. She likes scarves and accessorizes with junk jewellery like colourful bangles and pretty much anything she likes. On a typical day, she may be found wearing a pair of printed harem pants, a plain tshirt and bangles on one of her hands and a cloth bag slung over her shoulder. She generally leaves her face free of any make up apart from some black kohl lining her eyes.
Personality: She's a very empathetic person and is able to gauge and experience the emotions of people around her, this causes her to be very emotional. She often breaks down and cries when people around her have traumatic memories or sad auras.
Diet: Kareena eats normal human food. She generally prefers veggies.
Talents: Kareena is good at empathising with people and making them feel comfortable, she often ends up playing the agony aunt in many cases. She is also good and playing the guitar and likes to drw in her sparetime. she loves literature and is well versed in the classics. She likes writing poems but isnt very good at it
Flaws: Kareena is extremely emotional and cries often. She gets easily overwhelmed and gets painful headaches and has to go and lie down for a while when she does. She's insecure about herself and feels like people only speak to her as a way of delving into themselves. Also, because of the various types of pain and emotion she has experienced through other people, apart from being easily upset she tends to have a jaded perspectiveAlthough she is oblivious to this, she ccan often be cynical about certain situations or human relationships.
Weaknesses: Kareena greatest weakness is her lack of control over her emotions. She is hugely affected by other peoples emotions and hasnt been able to find a way to block it out as yet. Due to this, an unhealthy or sad aura may over a period of time send her into depression, also a composed enemy could find a way to mainpulate her using this. Also her powers may sometimes double up as a weaknessa as she cannot control when she gets her visions and a vision at a critical moment or during battle could prove fatal to her.
Weapon(s): Kareena carries a 12inch long bronze dagger with 4 symbols engraved below the hilt. The symbols are the eye of Ra, a fire, two parallel horizontal lines wrapped in a thin leafed creeper stretching between them. and a bolt of lightning. Although she is good at battle, Kareena pefers not to fight and is genrally a pacifist as she hates feeling the emotions of her opposition or her victims.
Job in the Kingdom: Prophet/Fortune teller.
History: Before Albion, Kareena lived in a variety of places wandering from town to town studying languages and cultures. Although alone, she enjoyed this type of existence as it kept her being tied down anywhere, however eventually lonliness began to creep up on her at which point she decided to look for a permanent home. Kareena had also spent a number of years pretending to be an average high school teenager at a number of high schools across the world. People eventually began to get curiius and ask questions at which point she promptly dissapeared. She also found it hard to develop relationships further than acquintances as she couldnt reveal much about her past to anyone and feared being seen as a freak. Particularly about a century ago, Kareena lived with a number of witches in England who had gone into hiding. It was hear that she learnt a lot of what she now knows and came to terms with her immortaily and supernatural powers. After a while however, Kareena felt compromised and left to find herself, at which point she began roaming the world before eventually stumbling upon Albion. Once she discovered Albion, she realised it was a possible permanent home and eventually decided to settle down here as she could finally be herself.
RP example: Kareena walked into the park and perched herself on the edge on one of the many unven boulders that were strewn amongst the edges of the park. She ran a hand through her curly red hair and attempted to undo some of it tangles. Sighing as she gave up, she pulled a book out of her cloth bag that shee propped up against the boulder and pulled her legs up in front of her comfortably and began to read. As her eyes roved over the pages, her fingers aimlessly drew patterns on the boulder. Kareena grew restless and began to fidget, tapping her foot on the rock inpatiently. Her eyes closed as though she felt a burning pain in her head before they flew open. Her eyes were wide and glassy and glowed and eerie silver as they stared without seeing, she seemed to be reading invisible words on the horizon as her book fell from her now limp hands and her entire body stiffened. When she next spoke, the voice wasnt Kareena's but rather as though something ancient was speaking through her.
Notes: When she has a vision her eyes glow silver and her voice changes. They return back to her normal eye colour and tone of voice immediately afterward.

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PostSubject: Re: Asimi's characters   Thu Jan 31, 2013 7:59 pm

Animagus form -
Name: Veronika "Nikki" Hill
Actual Age: 19
How old they look: 16-17
Race/Creature Type: Animagus
Description of Creature: An Animagus is a witch or wizard who can turn into a particular animal or magical creature at will. This ability is not innate: it must be acquired by years of magical practice and training. When Animagi transform, the animal appears to be a normal animal, it cannot talk but retains the ability to think as a human which is the primary difference between an animal and an animagus in animal form. Each Animagus has a specific animal form, and cannot transform into any other animal. The animal cannot be chosen: it is uniquely suited to that individual's personality. Veronika turns into a leopard in her animagus form.
Country of Origin: England
Height: 5.7ft
Body Type: Slim and tall. Hourglass figure
Eyes: Silverish, they look ice blue sometimes
Hair: Brown, long and with curls towards the bottom
Appearance: Veronika has pale alabaster skin and high cheekbones in a pretty and delicate bone structure. She likes to have a unique look and has a a tattoo of a black swallow on her waist, (which she did herself), two piercings in one ear (one a thin silver ring at the top of her ear) and one on the other and a silver navel piercing. Her typical dressing style would be a white sheer top than ends a few inches above her jeans and blue skinny jeans or when its cold a graffiti hoodie with a skirt or shorts and stockings beneath it. she also usually wears a rasta cap or ties her hair up in a messy bun with curls tumbling down over her face. She likes to wear little or no make up apart from maybe some nude lip gloss at times.
Personality: Veronika is a very mysterious, secretive girl that people find interesting. She can be both captivating and off putting. Her beauty is both her strength and her weakness as it makes people take an interest in her and make allowances for her but it also makes them mistake even a slight rudeness as arrogance. She is very loyal to her friends and slightly possesive of them.
Veronika thrives on attention although she doesnt want people to understand her inner personality. She likes being admired and loves doing social things like partying or anything that shows her off and puts her in the limelight. She likes to indulge herself and is a smoker. She's rebellious and doesnt listen to any rules except those she thinks make sense. However Veronika is intelligent and likes to have smart conversations
Diet: Normal human food. She's a non vegetarian. She will eat small animals while in her leopard form but prefers to eat as a human as far as possible.
Talents: Veronika is a complete entertainer, very fun to be around and extremely charismatic. She can make friends easily and charm people into getting her way. She is also a great dancer and has good knowledge of mixing drinks. Her beauty and winning personality are probably her greatest strengths.
Flaws: She loves to flirt and doesnt know when to say no. She also doesnt know her limits and is very bad at drawing boundaries. She's bordering on being an alcoholic and smokes occasionally. Due to her unstable lifestyle she is basically unemployed at the moment and her spending excesses and dangerous indulgences often gets into sticky spots that she's lucky to get out of. She seems to be attracted towards the wrong kind of guys and often ends up in bad relationships. She likes dangerous guys who she cant take advantage of and thus she ends up being taken advantage off. Also as she likes being shown off and highlighted, guys sometimes use her as a trophy and hang out with her simply to be seen with her due to her good looks and they treat her badly otherwise. She doesnt realise this and even otherwise doesnt seem to know whats good for her at all and is sometimes a danger to herself.
Powers/Magic (if any): Her transformation is about it.
Weaknesses: She also tends to get into bad relationships, where the guy treats her like a trophy and doesnt respect her. She hangs around the wrong crowd. She will do anything as long as it excites her and she can be made a fool of this way. She often doesnt think about her actions at all.
Weapon(s): Two twin bronze knives about a foot long each and wickedly sharp.
Job in the Kingdom: Unemployed at the moment.
History: Veronika was always very individualistic. Being the youngest of her siblings, she was spoilt and pampered. She had grown up to be really rebellious and dint care what people thought. Her parents had a very relaxed method of parenting but even they got frustrated when she got kicked out of three schools. Being really rich, they decided to then sent her to an exclusive boarding school, outside of London. She stayed at this school for a couple of years at which point she concentrated all her energies into studying to be an animagus. As soon as she succeeded, she ran away from the school, barely a month shy of graduation. At this point she began wandering, aimlessly and took up various odd jobs to sustain her needs and her partying, until she came upon Albion.
RP example: Veronika smoothed down the mid thigh length black dress that she was wearing for this occasion her small beaded Chanel bag slung over her shoulder. She had twisted her hair into an intricate up-do, small wisps of soft feminine hair escaping. The one thing that had people staring was the open bottle of beer she clutched in her right hand, occasionally swigging from it. A soft laugh escaped her, Was beer too low brow for a posh party like this? Her eyes roved up to look at the chandeliers above. Apparently, she concluded.

Veronika had had enough experience of posh society parties such as this thanks to her parents, enough experience to know that she dint give two hoots about them. Ofcourse the prom this damned school would host would be exactly their type of party, oh wait- "social event". Veronika thought, disgustedly. She could just imagine them beaming in pride. Rolling her eyes, Veronika took another swig of her beer and weaved through the crowd, toward the snack table. The refreshments were better than most full course meals, and so, she decided, she might deign to stay here for slightly longer. Maybe she'd even meet an attractive rich boy, worth wasting some time on..
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Asimi's characters
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