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 Rumor Sirois

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PostSubject: Rumor Sirois   Mon Jan 07, 2013 12:01 pm

Name: Rumor Sirios
Actual Age: 16
How old they look: 16
Race/Creature Type: Human
Country of Origin: France
Eyes: Red
Hair: Brunette
Appearance: Rumor is 5'6 , and she has a slender frame . She's pretty strong , seeing as she grew up with five older brothers. She weighs about 100 pounds , give or take. Her hair drops half way down her back in brown waves.
Personality: She always seems to be lost in her own world, but that's because she usually takes things she has seen and likes to turn them into stories, imagine what would happen next. She can be quite mean when provoked. She doesnt take anything from anyone.
Diet: She'll eat pretty much anything
Talents: Rumor is good at archery, storytelling, acting, knitting(dontask) running
Flaws: She couldnt sing to save her life, shes awful with a sword, asthma , she's covered in cuts and bruises(dontask) and she tends to forget that she's living in the real world. She speaks aa if she's in a dream, a whispy type voice.
Powers/Magic (if any): She's a Seer, which means she can see hte future. She cant see if shes not in it, and I will ask the person who it affects and we will form a plot together. If they're against her Seeing, then she wont
Weaknesses: Arachnophobia
Weapon(s): Bow and arrows
Job in the Kingdom:
History: Her mother died when she was born, leaving her with a father and five older brothers. Her father treated her like a princess, but her brother's treated her like one of them. She was tough, and loved the outdoors. Her father brought in a new woman he later married when she was ten, and they had a daughter. At age fifteen, Rumor got fed up with babysitting and having to do everything. Her dad had forgotten her, so she ran away to join the Kingdoms Archers.
RP example: She was sick of it. It was too much. "Rumor do this, Rumor do this. Rumor watch Rose. Rumor stop talking.'' It was too much. So late one night, she slid everything she thought she'd need into a bag, grabbed her bow and quiver, and she was gone. She didnt look back, didnt even think about her family. Like they would care. Her brothers might, but they were all gone, out with their own families, so they probably wouldnt find out and couldnt be bothered to worry for too long. So she crept through the dark, searing for a new life.
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PostSubject: Re: Rumor Sirois   Tue Jan 15, 2013 7:29 am

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Rumor Sirois
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