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 Charlii's Charries

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PostSubject: Charlii's Charries   Mon Jan 07, 2013 10:36 am

Allorai B'lor
Actual Age:
How old they look:
Race/Creature Type:
High Elf
Country of Origin:
Allorai has green Iris', but her pupil is golden.
During the day her hair is a golden blonde, but at night, her hair colour changes to a dark auburn colour. Her hair comes down to the middle of her back. And is either braided or let loose. It is naturally straight.
Allorai is 6'3 and weighs 10 stone. She has pointed ears and a small button nose. She has lightly tanned skin, and she isn't very muscular, but is lean instead. She has very long, thin legs and thin arms.
Allorai is a nice approachable person and is very nice to people. She can be very serious though as well, but most of the time she tends to be very nice to everyone.
Allorai prefers to eat salad and vegetables, but she does eat meat as well.
She is very good at both archery and sword-fighting. She is also very quick and can very athletic.
Whilst she is very nice, she is also shy. When someone does begin to talk to her though, she does trust people too easily. She also cannot keep still. Her hand is always moving in some way. She cannot keep it from moving, it is like a nervous twitch.
Powers/Magic (if any):
10 times a day, for 2 minutes at a time, Allorai can look up to 500 meters into the distance. She can see things as if they were right in front of her, including the little writing on a sign. While she is looking like this, her eyes become like slits.
Allorai bruises really easily. She also has a low pain threshold, and so feels pain very easily.
Weapon(s): Allorai has a hand-crafted bow, and she fletches her own arrows. She also has a pair of steel short-swords.
Job in the Kingdom: Allorai is a Captain for the Archers of the Kingdom.
Allorai and her family moved around a lot when they she was a baby. One day though, her family were ambushed by bandits and they were both killed. One of the bandits found Allorai, and none of the bandits had the heart to kill the baby. So, they took her in. Allorai was raised by the bandits and eventually begun to take part in the pillaging they did, but she never killed anyone. She proved herself to be the best archer in their group. The rest of her group was human, she was the only elf, so she saw a number of people in her group die of old age, including those who originally took her in. She saw the new bandits join as well. When Allorai was 68, her group tried to ambush an official, but they were all killed by the guards, except her. The guards saw how good she was, and she was giving a chance at an honest life. Allorai became one of the Kingdom's archers and rose to rank of Captain.
RP example:
I rested my leg on the rock in front of me and stared into the distance. My eyes went like slits as I looked further than anyone else could. 8 men, all human. They were rummaging through a caravan they had taken over. I sighed and raised my bow. I notched the arrow and fired it into the distance. I adjusted slightly and fired another arrow, and then 6 more after that. I glanced into the distance again and saw all the bandits lying there on the ground dead. I sighed, "That'll teach them for ambushing someone so close to the kingdom." I swung my bow back over my shoulder and began my patrol again along the path. I began to whistle a soft tune as I walked, it kept my entertained.
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Charlii's Charries
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