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 Character: Fenris

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Morgan Landry

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PostSubject: Character: Fenris   Sun Jun 16, 2013 2:51 am

Name: Fenris. (She has no last name)

Actual Age: 103 years old.

How old she looks: 20 years old. 

Race/Creature Type: Fenris is a mixture of a blood-elf and a black-elf. She's a special specie/hybrid.

Description of Creature: Fenris's father was a blood-elf. Blood elves, or red elves, are the names of a particularly war-loving, bellicose and agressive type of elves. They  live in mountains or in moors, it depends. They are most found in the North-West, and live in small tribes not exceeding the number of twenty. They have physical resemblances: often red eyes , red mouth and red hair, and a pale, chalky skin. 
Fenris's mother is a black elf. Black elves (also known as night elves) are like dark elves.
Fenris is currently the only hybrid of that type. 

Country of Origin: Fenris doesn't come from Albion. She was born in Valmort, one of the towns of the black elves. However, her appearance betrayed her as being not entirely a black elf, and she was kicked out at the age of thirteen. It suited her mother, who had always thought of her as a mistake she had done with a man, and she was glad she could get rid of her.

Height: 1m87

Body type: Hourglass shape, lean, atheletic.

Skin tone: Charcoal-black.

Eyes: Blood-red.

Hair: Ruby-red at the top, but they get black at the end.

Appearance: Fenris has a completely black, fair skin. Her cornell red  eyes sparkle a bit like rubies, and they are the exact shade of her hair at the roots. Her hair is long, thick and straight. At the half, the red color fades away into darker shades before eventually reaching black; her pointed ears getting out of the hair horizontally. Her eyebrows are red as well, and her profound gaze is intensified by her long black eyelashes.
Due to her black elf side, her teeth are all pointed except for the four, above and below, at the front. 
She has long legs, long arms, slim fingers and a tight, flat belly.

Personality: Being kind of a loner, always having been kicked out, Fenris is quite aggressive with everything and everyone. She spends time alone and is very happy that way. She is not open but she's very blunt and doesn't care about the impact her words have on her interlocutor. In addition, she always speaks the truth, it is part of her code of honor. She likes to seek the fight, but she knows when to restrain herself. 

Diet: She is omnivore, but no cannibal/anthropophagous.

Talents: Hunting, fighting, running, swimming (particularly in the rapids), climbing, jumping, cross.

Flaws: Aggressive, wild, brutal.

Powers/Magic (if any): None, but she is resistent to magic. Of course, strong spells affect her, but she has an ability of mentally dismissing some spells. She can't dismiss more than five spells per day.

Weaknesses: Antisocial, prideful, vengeful.

Weapon(s): A bow nearly as tall as herself, made of ebony. It is neatly and magnificently carved in the Celtic way and encrusted with silver. Her arrows are as long as her arms and their tips are made either of black metal. or of bones.
In addition, she carries a long sword called Caaliareth, double-edged blade made of iron, bronze and silver. 
Being a hunter and a fighter, she owns other weapons like a dagger named Andrac, rotary knives, sharp-edged discs...

Job in the Kingdom: Hunter.

History: As stated above, Fenris was exiled of the territory of black elves at the age of thirteen. She knew her father's name, and started a journey to the red elves's lands. The trip alone took her five months, and when she arrived, exhausted, at destination, it took her another month to find her father's tribe.
When she came up to him, she realized he had already a wife and two children. Her father hesitated but in the end was forced by his wife to deny her any access to the tribe. 
Having nowhere to go, she started living in the forest. She stole from travelers, and that was where she got her bow from. She didn't kill every bypasser, no. Only those whom she needed something from. However, the travelers weren't all taken by surprise and one wounded her arm badly. She still has the four large scars on her right forearm and shoulder. It took a long time to heal and sometimes, even now, it may hurt.
But she was discovered. At one point, the red elves of the territory organized a hunt... and she was at the wrong place at the wrong time. In order to escape definitely, she decided to go to a neutral territory:Albion. She came there at the age of sixteen (the journey took her a year, even though she stole a horse).

RP example: The string vibrated as the arrow was notched. Putting a knee on the branch she was on, Fenris stretched the bow, holding her breath. The hare hadn't seen her.
She let go of the string.
Her arrow pierced the air the characteristic, low hiss, and hit the hare's back. It rolled to the side, it's head slumping down.
It was not yet finished she knew.
With increased celerity, she shot another arrow. This time, it hit the skull.
The hare didn't move.
Fenris supplely jumped off her branch, passing her bow around her shoulders. With quick footsteps, she went to the hare, took the arrows away and put the limp body into her hunting bag.

Notes: Nothin'.

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PostSubject: Re: Character: Fenris   Sun Jun 16, 2013 4:20 am


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Morgan Landry

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PostSubject: Re: Character: Fenris   Sun Jun 16, 2013 4:32 am

Thank you! I'll give you the fifty pounds when I see you then Wink

Fenris; hybrid (half black elf, half blood elf); hunter.
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PostSubject: Re: Character: Fenris   

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Character: Fenris
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