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 Crisis- Please Read.

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PostSubject: Crisis- Please Read.   Thu May 02, 2013 9:10 pm

Okay members are joining Really slowly.. infact our main problem is people joining and then not being active. We need more members if albion is to be kept from dying. Frankly I dont want more members becuase I'm a powerhungry crazy person but because it will enhance all of your roleplay experience and make this site much more fun.

We have a couple of options, spread the link on facebook, tumblr, skype, a blog you may have, youtube, twitter and other Rp forums (be careful not to advertise.)
Sincerely guys, unless we get more active members albion is going to die and we wont be able to keep it running for long, so it really needs your help here. Any ideas?

Kareena Eden-Seer

Veronika Hill-Animagus
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Crisis- Please Read.
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