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PostSubject: Character(WIP)   Sat Mar 23, 2013 8:14 am

Name: Tristan Madoc
Actual Age:  25
How old they look 25:
Race/Creature Type: Human(Runic Knight): Runic knights are an order of knights that have some kind natural magic skill. They are an asset to Kings because they have more means of protecting their ruler or fighting an enemy army than a conventional knight. They are also honour bound to the Knight's Code and thus more noble than a simple wizard which may trick people with their mysticism.
Description of Creature: It's a human for whatever's sake xD

Country of Origin: Scotland
Height: 5'11
Body type: Healthy and muscular
Skin tone: Caucassion but pretty tanned
Eyes: Red (they were Hazel at one time, but then a spell going wrong caused them to turn red)
Hair: Black (but for some reason it looks like a silver blue. He has claimed this as an after effect of a spell going wrong)

Appearance: Tristan's normal appearance when on the job is his armored out look. However when Tristan isn't busy doing his duties he normal wears some dark pants and combat style boots. He wears a brown shirt and has a black body armor covering the shit so only the sleeves are showing. He wears a dark blue trench coat style jacket with the sleeves ripped off and wears a pair of black open finger gloves. His sword is always hanging from it's sheath at his side.

Personality: An honourable man, Tristan is a follower of the knight's code and thus a wonderful ally and loyal to friend to those he is friends with. He refuses to follow an evil path and will fight those that threaten his home, and his families. He repays his debts to those that he is indebted too whenever he can, and he refuses to give in to anything.

Diet: Healthy diet by today's standards as his job requires him to eat a good balanced meal to keep his strength up


-Loyalty: Would be his greatest attribute and his greatest flaw. Being loyal can lead him into making reckless decision.
-Repayer of debts: can lead to him doing things that would step out of his code and thus cause him to feel less of the man he should be
-Has a slight case of epilepsy, so he'll pass out at random from time to time and maybe shake and spazz like he is having a seizure.

Powers/Magic (if any): Magic as follows
-Cure: Very simple, can cure most minor and some major injuries to himself or can be directed at a partner. Draw Back: Can not heal poison, blindness, epilepsy(he's tried believe me), and mental deficiencies(Can use most all the time unless it's something major, those about 6 times every 3 hours, overuse leads to an insane migraine)
-Fire: Once cast, this spell shoots a row of flames that will ignite an enemy on fire. Down side is that it is annoyingly easy to dodge(Can be used 20 times, overuse leads to numbing in his arms to where he can carry his sword)
-Ice: Can shoot a beam of ice at the target. has a wider area of attack than fire, but because of this it is weaker. May cause a body part to freeze depending on other parties choice in Rp, drawback is that fire will get rid of the ice easily. (Can be used 15 times, overuse leads to a sever drop in the temperature of his body making his immune system weaker thus making him more susceptible to common diseases that time itself can cure)
-Shock: Can send out an electric pulse in a circle around him, the circle goes about 5 meters out and will hit anyone or anything that comes into contact with it. Non-fatal, but very painful stun, like a tazer in modern times. (Can do this 10 times, overuse leads to weakness in his legs)

-He has a weakness to Earth magic because it is a naturally defense against his electrical powers
-He is weak to fire powers and water powers because they counter with his ice and fire abilities

Weapon(s): An onyx sword with runic engravings. The sword is both deadly in physical means but the runes engraved on the blade allow him to channel his magic abilities through it
Job in the Kingdom: Knight


RP example:

Notes: The Runic Knight creature type is based off a character from Final Fantasy 6

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PostSubject: Re: Character(WIP)   Wed Apr 03, 2013 12:48 am

He needs limits for his powers, but I'll let them be high.
How does overuse of his powers affect him?

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