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 Michael David Alvarez

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PostSubject: Michael David Alvarez   Mon Mar 04, 2013 1:16 am


At birth he was named Michael David Alvarez.
Actual Age:
He is 246 years old.
How old they look:
Michael's body stopped aging at the age of 18.
Race/Creature Type:
Michael was born a human, but at the age of 18 he was bitten by a vampire and thus got turned into one.
Description of Creature:
Michael looks just like a human being, though he grows fangs when he is attacking someone or eating something. If you saw him, you would think he is human.
Country of Origin:
Michael was born in the country of Spain in Madrid, but as the years passed he traveled throughout Europe and later moved to North America.
Michael is now 5 feet 11 inches.
Body type:
Michael has a slightly muscular body. He does a lot of swordplay but his arms aren't exactly 'ripped'.
Skin tone:
He has a very pale skin tone.
Michael's eyes are usually a warm brown color, but in the moonlight they seem golden.
Michael has average length brown hair.
Michael usually wears a suit, but it looks very casual. He doesn't always wear a tie or blazer though. He looks quite stuck up, but in reality he is very outgoing.
This vampire has become very secretive over the years, he usually doesn't trust anyone and he barely talks. He only talks if he is familiar with the person.
Michael isn't very picky on what he eats. He prefers eating young humans, but he will eat what he gets. He sometimes even eats animals.
He is an excellent craftsman and can create any weapon if given time. He is a very good swordsman and he he's a good musician.
Like most vampires, he has a fear of silver and garlic, he is also afraid of losing the ones he loves. Michael has been attacked by silver dagger once and he survived, but he is still afraid of it though not as much.
Powers/Magic (if any):
Michael can travel at the speed of sound and he is able to control a person to do his will for a few minutes.
He can't stand garlic. If there is garlic within five meters he will faint, though he has a very good sense of smell so he tries to stay away from it as much as possible.
Michael uses an iron sword that he forged when he was still a young vampire.
Job in the Kingdom:
Michael is a blacksmith.
Michael was born in a small village near Madrid, Spain. He was abnormally small at birth, but that didn't get in the way of enjoying his childhood. He would always find the bright side of everything no matter how bad the situation was. As he grew older, things became more difficult for him. Children would call him a "freak", dogs would bark at him, even some of the parents would keep their children away from him. He was well known for his ferocious temper so most kids were even afraid to talk to him.

At the age of fourteen he stopped going to school, instead he would stay at home and help his father craft weapons for the war. His father didn't mind, as he knew what Michael was going through. As the years went on Michael became a loner. He barely ever spoke to anyone, he began talking to himself, no one would give him a second look and even his mother turned away from him.

A few months after he turned eighteen, there was an attack on his village. Vampires from the ancient side of Spain came looking for victims. Michael was in the woods on the day of the attack and his father couldn't warn him. The blood sucking creatures destroyed the village and fled to the forest before someone came to the rescue. Most of the monsters had already had their meal so immediately flew back home, but two of them were still thirsty. The had cornered Michael, but he had put on a good fight. After a great struggle, one of the vampires managed to get him pined on the floor and bite him, but Michael had found a stake and killed him a few minutes after.

The transformation wasn't painful, that very night Michael began to grow fangs. He had the desire to kill people but there wasn't any drastic changes in his body. He fled for the ancient places in search of a mentor to help him. There he met an old vampire by the name of Caliber, the monster helped him learn his powers, but he hadn't showed him everything. Michael learned to control his craving for human blood, but he still need to drink every no and again. He learned how to transform into a bat and how to travel at the speed of sound.

As the years went on, the fully formed vampire traveled all across Europe, leaving his mark, getting paid and doing some extra business for powerful beings. He soon met a young human called Sarah. This was the first time in decades Michael had fallen in love. He married the lady, and had a son. The boy had vampire blood in him so he was in grave danger. Michael offered Sarah eternal life, but she refused and soon an attack of werewolves had killed them both.

Years went by and Michael became stronger, meeting new monster, learning new powers and becoming an excellent swordsmen. The vampire never permanently settled down anywhere, but he grew fonder of people until he met the ancient ones. The ancient ones nearly killed Michael, they had given him full ability of his powers, but they also wanted to kill him. Michael never trusted anyone since.

The vampire then moved the the Kingdom of Albion, he lurks around killing humans, doing other monsters dirty work and just relaxing after a long life of troubles.
RP example:
A breeze rushed through the air, the sky above was darker than usual and the trees around him looked down on Michael as though he was their next victim. The wind rustled the leaves, making the scene seem even scarier than it was. The full moon above was covered with a thick layer of clouds, but there was a low light shining down on the vampire. Silence all around him, except for the every so often rustle of leaves. What was he doing in the middle of the forest at midnight?

Michael made no sudden movements, he could sense a creature lurking in the shadows, waiting for the right moment to attack him. His hand instinctively moved to his belt where he always kept his sword. He knew there was a battle waiting to happen or was it just his imagination? Was he just scared? He gripped the hilt of his sword then in a flash he was holding a full length iron sword. The sword was pure black, it didn't even look dangerous, but most monsters knew better.

Ever since his encounter with a few elder vampires Michael was always alert. Their mind controlling abilities were still freaking him out. He didn't even know vampires could do that, but now he could do that too. He hadn't realized how powerful his species was until a few years ago. Years were like weeks for him so the memories were still fresh in his mind. A great old vampire laughing in his ear, his beard wrapped around Michael's neck, those fangs so close to his skin...

"Stop playing tricks on me!" he yelled. He raised his sword and charged into the forest. All was silent for a moment.
Like all vampires, Michael can also turn into a bat at will.
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PostSubject: Re: Michael David Alvarez   Mon Mar 04, 2013 4:29 am

Turning into a bat, what happens when he is exposed to garlic or silver or sunlight needs to be in the description of creature. Anything else that defines what a vampire is like to You, goes in there. Many people go by different stereotypes, myths or legends, so specify.
Is he an average vampire bat in his bat form? or does that form posses any special powers?
Speed of sound is too much, reduce that.
Also, what do you mean by "control people to do his will"?
under diet, I assume that unless another user gives him permission to drink their charries blood, he will subsist on animals?
Add more detail to personality.
What you've mentioned under flaws are his weaknesses. His flaws need to be personality or physical flaws. 3-4 would be fine.

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Michael David Alvarez
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