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 What You Can Buy

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PostSubject: What You Can Buy   Mon Jan 07, 2013 2:18 am

You can use your gold you earn from posting (1 gold per post, 3 per topic) to buy the follow things.

200 - Name Change
1k - Extra Character Slot
5k - Legendary Weapon (i.e Flaming Sword)
15k - Demon Character (16k if you want a slot with it)
100k - Immortality (You can still get hurt, but won't die)

PM an admin asking for which you want, and the gold will be subtracted from your account. No IOUs, if you don't have the gold, you don't get it. Admins can refuse to give you things if they believe you shouldn't have it. This is mostly for the weapons.
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What You Can Buy
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