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 Character Forms:

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PostSubject: Character Forms:    Mon Jan 07, 2013 2:02 am

When making your forms, please use the following form layout. Once you have posted, wait for an admin (ruler) or moderator (Officer) to tell you what to fix. It may be approved instantly, or you may need to make some changes. We will decide what needs to be changed. Fill the form out in as much detail as possible. If you do not put enough detail, we will ask you to add more. This will be a lot quicker if you put the effort in. Plus, we prefer more detailed forms anyway.

Each person starts out with 4 character slots. Additional slots can be purchased from the store.

The form:

The form Explained:

Species List:
This is a good list (all credit goes to their site, I did not make anything on that list)
This is not the complete list, if you want to RP as a different creature, you may still post it. That does not mean you will get to be that species, we may deny your choice.
The ones that are copyrighted are not accepted here. The demons are not allowed, nor are the harpies, succubus, dragons, or any animals. No undead. No Titans, No Trolls, No Ogres. We decide if the species you picked is acceptable or not.
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Character Forms:
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