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 Fire Vixen, WIP

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PostSubject: Fire Vixen, WIP   Wed Jan 09, 2013 10:28 am

Name: Alissa Nyrenia
Actual Age:13
How old they look:13
Race/Creature Type:Fire Vixen, I cleared it with Asi
Description of Creature: Fire Vixen are young women, they have the ears and tail of a fox. The ears and tail fall off and they become normal at age 18... If they live to that age, Fire Vixens are often, caught, sold, or even killed.
Country of Origin: Canada
Body type:very skinny
Skin tone:Pale
Eyes: a mix of red-orange, green, and brown. (not evenly, kinda patched up)
Hair: Red-orange
Appearance: Often wears peasant dresses, often torn and worn out
Personality: optimistic
Diet:She's a vegan, except for cheese... no one knows why, but she loves cheese...
Flaws:egocentric, mad, unreasonable
Powers/Magic (if any): can heal a wound 4cm long and 1cm deep
Weaknesses: if her friends are being hurt she's quite sensitive to that
Weapon(s): mace
Job in the Kingdom: beggar
RP example:

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PostSubject: Re: Fire Vixen, WIP   Wed Jan 09, 2013 1:05 pm

Put "original creature type' in your topic in brackets or in your topic description when you're done.

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Fire Vixen, WIP
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