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 Rules - Read this First!

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PostSubject: Rules - Read this First!   Sun Jan 06, 2013 1:34 pm

Welcome to the Kingdom of Albion!
Before you jump in though and begin to RP, you need to read the following rules.

1. Whatever the Admins say, goes.
2. Listen to the ranks above you, always.
3. No sexual content.
4. Respect all other members.
5. Do not harass others.
6. No double Posting!
7. Make posts as long as possible. Posts can not just be one sentence long! At minimum, 3.
8. No displaying personal information.
9. No advertising.
10. Use spoilers for images and external content.
11. No bumping topics.
12. One account only!
13. No swearing (words like Damn and Hell are Exempt)
14. Use the edit button rather than reposting.
15. Gold is only for use in the store.

1. No powerplay
2. No God-modding
3. A charrie form must be approved first before RPing
4. No charries below the age of 6.
5. No Mary/Gary Stus
6. No chat speak in RP posts
7. Keep OOC to a minimum
8. Only an Admin can RP as the King/Queen.

If you break any of theses rules there will be a punishment. Depending on the offense, we may skip to a certain level.
(the punishments are below)
First Offense: Warning!
Second Offense: One Day Chatbox and PM Ban
Third Offense: 2 Day Ban
Fourth Offense: 1 Week Ban
Fifth Offense: Permanent Ban
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Rules - Read this First!
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